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please respond to this post and take the discussion further.

2 of the 6 strategies:

Practice: In order for us to become more positive and better our self esteem this, like most things in life requires us to practive having

A higher self esteem. When we feel bad about ourselves or not confidant we need to re-think it and practive just the opposite. How we think

And the way we use our minds can easily become a pattern and at times we need to break the pattern and think another way.

Learn from our mistakes: We need to realize that history is a important part of who we are and the mistakes that we made, we need

To understand we made them they are done and we must move forward and not repeat the same destructive bahavoir. Making a mistake

Is one thing but duplicating a patten over and over again is way worse and eventually will cost more then what we are willing to pay.

I have 2 young children and many times it becomes frusterating to ge them up and out of the door on time for school: My son loves to sleep

In and I have faught this for a very long time. I have read books, talked to other parents and tried to get past this hump in life without success.

Finally my son and I discussed options and he has agreed that we need tog et to school on time. All this is well and good but in the AM means

nothing to him. I stated writng down the differnet ways to wake him up. I started marking off differnet ways that don’t work or are more

frusterating then others, so I don’t duplicate them. The ones that did seem to go relatively well I would practive them by trying to alter

them a bit to see if it would help.

Over time it has gotten better, still work to do: My wife at times says Ill try this, I mention I already have and it did not go well – after she failed

a few times she now believes more in me when I say I would not do that. Our son is not a normal boy and he really requires allot of attention and It does try on us but this does not mean we will give up. If anything he has taught me patience and how to learn to alter myself by practice in order to make the home more positive.

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