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We have seen/suggested that Zoroastrianism influenced Judaism. Jesus was a Jew and used the Jewish scripture when he taught. Some even say that Christianity is a sect of Judaism (see Rabbi Norman Solomon, Judaism: A Very Short Introduction). Yet, most Christians claim that their religion is unique.

1) Did Zoroastrianism and/or Judaism provide the basis for Christianity?

2) Pick a side and defend it with three reasons. Explain each reason.

In our chapter we have seen numerous splits in Christianity: in the Book of Acts; the division between Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Church; the Protestant Reformation; and on and on. Modern Christianity is sometimes characterized by the split between followers who believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible and those who believe in a figurative interpretation.

1) How can one Bible, especially one New Testament, be used to justify so many divisions?

2) Is one of these divisions/denomination the “right” denomination? Why?

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