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i will attach the prompt paper and i already do have 6 pages of the paper written on sugar and how it affects us, so you can either use that and just continue or just start a new one. it really is up to you as long as you do as the prompt asks, meet the page limit and the deadline.

The body of your paper should cover the following sections:

–A background of the problem. This should be about 3-5 pages and explain to your audience why this phenomenon should be considered socially problematic and worthy of our attention and concern. You will support this explanation with your research and provide the relevant background information necessary to understand the extent of the problem.

For example, if you are researching wealth inequality, how do we know that it is an actual problem? How unequal is wealth distribution? At what point in history did wealth inequality begin to increase, and what are some of the explanations for that? Again, support all of your assertions with credible research.

–A rhetorical analysis of how this problem is presented in various forms of media. This section should comprise at least 5 pages of your paper.

Following the previous example, how is wealth inequality presented on FOX news? CNN? How is it presented in other major media outlets or in popular culture? In alternative media? You cannot provide an exhaustive account, but at least compare how the topic is discussed by 2-4 different sources. Identify the claims advanced in each source and the evidence they provide to support their claims, and then evaluate how their claims relate to issues of purpose and audience.

–A review of solutions to your selected social problem. What are they, by whom are they proposed, and what is the likelihood that these solutions will actually help? Be critical in your assessment of these proposed solutions, and support your critique with research.

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