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You will identify and attend 4 open support group meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Al-Anon*. Although open support groups are accustomed to visitors, remember to be respectful since you are a guest. Try to introduce yourself to some of the members, explaining that you are a student in the Liberty University Counseling program. Keep in mind that you are a representative of counselors, and of the Christian faith. Once the group begins, just sit back and observe how the group process takes shape.

After attending the group sessions, you will write a report on your experience. This is to be a 3–4-page paper describing the group dynamics you observed while attending the support group. Your greatest challenge will be to provide sufficient details that serve as evidence of your attendance without disclosing confidential information about the group members. Be sure to incorporate the following elements:

How do your observations of the group reflect the readings and the Corey DVD?

Discuss the stage you believe the group is currently in and support your claim.

In all groups, there is a natural leader that arises—discuss the dynamics of this natural leadership in the group you attended and whether it was productive for the group. What leadership style was working in the group?

What were some challenges you observed occurring within the group?

Although you can use first person in this paper, remember it must be in current APA format. This is a graduate-level paper that requires adequate empirical knowledge and proper citation use. The paper must be 3–4 pages, double-spaced, and with 12-point Times New Roman font. If the instructor is not satisfied, you may be asked to correct and resubmit.

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