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Week 8 Listening Discussion Prompt Guidelines

  1. You must create your own Thread (a.k.a. comment response to the prompt) before you can see other students’ comments.
    1. Your Thread (a.k.a. comment response to the prompt) needs to be of sufficient depth and a minimum of one paragraph in length which is no less than 100 words.
  2. Respond to at least 2 other students’ comments.In order for you to receive full credit and be “of sufficient depth”, I need to see proof that you watched the concert so reference something specific that stood out to you. Comments that are too general or vague, such as “This piece of music really moved me I liked it a lot.” or “I agree 100%.”, will not count for credit. It is acceptable to state that you liked it or agree but you need to support your claims and explain why you liked it or why you agree.
    1. You responses to the other students’ comments need to be of sufficient depth and a minimum of one paragraph in length which is no less than 100 words.
  3. Extra points will be given to people that reply to more than the minimum requirement.

Week 8 Listening PROMPT:

  1. Listen to SWARMIUS’s “Cali Karsilama”. Next go to the SWARMIUS Press Kit page (link: http://swarmius.com/#press (Links to an external site.)) and read the General Info to assist you in responding to this prompt: The musicians at SWARMIUS state, “The guiding question that informs each of our pieces is: ‘Is it possible to create music that thrives in everything from a rave to a classical concert hall and every place inbetween:street corners & clubs; living rooms and places of worship; grammar schools and college hideaways…. Music that constantly probes who we are and how we are becoming as a culture – that is fun, challenging and stimulating for themindbody.'” After listening to their music do you think that they accomplished this goal of a “thrives everywhere” music that is appreciated by people with different musical tastes? If you say “YES”, explain what aspects of their music and/or performance that accomplish this goal. If you say “NO, explain why you think they missed their mark and provide an example of what elements the music would need to have a better chance of accomplishing this goal.

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