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This final assignment is a research paper detailing how your country of study( Sweden) is confronting or might confront a health issue based on the background information on your country presented in your country profiles. (The challenge may be one of the six presented( Listed at the end of this question) in the last module or one that has emerged in your country research.) In other words, your paper must indicate how conditions in your country of study influence the course of a specific health challenge. If your country is Yemen and the challenge you select is AIDS, your task is to show how the environment, population, social, economic, ect. conditions might influence the course of the disease. (45 points)

This paper must also include a section on global impact and recognition of the interconnectedness of mankind. In other words, consider what the world might learn from the handling of the issue/challenge (you selected) in your country. (10 points)

Long Term Global Health Issues

Over population, Women’s health and Water resources

Emerging Global Health Issues

Disease, tobacco and terrorism

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