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Polls, as well as, election results indicate that people’s mind-set towards same-sex marriages are drastically changing. The proponents of the same-sex marriages argue that the gay together with heterosexual couples reserve the right to marry and denying them marriage rights is outright discrimination against them. Besides, they further allege that denying the gays together with the lesbians their marriage rights should actually be considered as homophobia. In addition, the proponents of the same-sex marriages believe that governing bodies should have no say concerning the manner in which consenting adult persons conduct their lives.In that regard, once a government interferes with people’s private lives, by specifying who can marry who, it is basically compromising with individual freedoms (Merin, 2002).

Nonetheless, there are people who still believe that the same-sex marriages should never be legalized. The critics of same-sex marriage allege that marriage is described as the union of consenting adult man and woman, therefore changing that would amount to acting against the natural law in addition to undermining not only the institution of marriage but also the role of the family in holding the society together. In that perspective, the legalization of the same-sex marriages obstructs marriage’s most pivotal objective, which is procreation. Furthermore, the gay marriages are contrary to the teachings of most religions (Corvino & Gallagher, 2012). Therefore, legalizing them would greatly offend sincerely held beliefs, thereby eroding further the key role that is played by religion as the society’s moral bedrock.Due to such reasons, the same-sex marriages have greatly been opposed by both the Christians, as well as, Muslims.

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