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In my own opinion, the two methods of communication have a similarity of being persuasive to the reader. The other similarity between the two is that, it is used to pass information or ideas to the target population or group hence are methods of communication (Hicks, 2013). In both writing styles, information and ideas are available both in a print and also online this means the two style of writing reliable in passing information from one person or group to the other. Both writing styles are relevant in when it comes to academics; students are taught how to write using the two styles. This means the two methods of communication important in teaching curriculum because students will require these skills to be able to express themselves for examples through writing application letter while looking for a job and so on.

There are a number of differences between public writing and business writing (In Lymer, & In Carney, 2015), one is that public writing is informal and don’t have a given structure and does not have to have proper grammar. On the other hand, business writing is formal and includes communication in a professional manner. In business writing, information can be passed by use of a letter or even an email. Public writing not need to be clear but business writing should be clear and precise. Public writing combines both fundamental principles and practical approach to the trade book and techniques used in the writing. Business writing does not combine any approach and technique in writing. Unlike public writing, business writing is straight forward and is not complicated in most cases. Business writing (Garner, 2012) is meant to make an impact on the reader which is not the case in public writing.

Of the two forms of writing, I find public writing to come to me naturally because of the practical approaches and the fundamental principles that at the end of the day enable students after school to have skills that will enable them to write with understanding and purpose (Newsom & Haynes, 2004). This is important when applying for a job. This form of writing also covers a number of writing styles that students may be exposed to earlier in their various jobs which include memos, emails, reports, letters and even proposal writings. This form of writing will prepare me to be in a better position in the job market. This is because of the writing skills I would have acquired from the form of writing will enable me to write a letter is understood and of purpose hence enabling me being considered for the job thus positively impacting my profession identity.

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