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Complete attached assignment/ document for Advance English Composition.

Instructions below and attached as well for selected topic : Technology and Social Isolation.

Rubric has been attached as well.

Requirement: APA format, answer 5 question, minimum 2 paragraph answer each .

For this assignment, you will choose a topic, narrow it, research different points of view about it, and identify your audience in order to develop your angle on the topic. 

After looking at the list of topics below, which was shared in Week 1’s lecture, choose a topic in which you have more than just a passing interest.  The best topic to choose is one which impacts you in some way.  Having personal experience with the topic will probably lend some perspective on it and may get you closer to an angle on it.  Also, sometimes research can be daunting, but if you have personal experience with the topic, or are even passionate about it, you will probably be more motivated to keep working when the “going gets tough.”  Thus, while “interest” in a topic is important, mere interest will probably not sustain you through this project. You might ask yourself, “What is it about this topic that sparks my interest enough to write a ten page paper about it?” 

Once you choose the topic, please respond to the five questions below.  Each of your responses should be approximately two paragraphs in length.  

please let me know should you have any question.

Thank you in advance

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