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agree or disagree 2-3 sentences

Tentative argumentative thesis: Residential fire sprinklers continue to be debated and banned in local communities across the United States. This practice should be stopped due to the life-saving attributes that residential fire sprinklers provide.

“Sprinklers are highly effective, reliable weapons in the fight to save lives and property from fire”

Some things that I have learned in this process is that I have been writing my papers the wrong way. I would always write and find my resources as I wrote the paper. This has opened my mind up to the fact that the ideas in my head were harder to put on paper because of the difficulty in finding correct resources. I learned that in doing it this way my paper is not has strong as finding the resources before I write. Some challenges I think I will face is making sure I make a strong argument. The research is there and the facts. It will be a challenge to articulate that in my paper due to all of the information out there.

One thing that I would pass on is to make sure you really due your research before selecting a topic. The topic I choose I thought would be easy to research, due to the controversy that surrounds this topic, ended up being very difficult. What I found in researching my paper was that there was a late of information out there that was too old to use. I almost had to switch topics in the middle of my annotated bibliography due to this fact.

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