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Your task in this lesson is to design and experiment. Imagine yourself as a psychology major approaching the end of your undergraduate studies in your senior year. Graduating cum laude you are determined to attend graduate school in psychology to become an experimental researcher. However, your scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) were surprisingly disappointing. The scores were not awful, but not high enough to prevent you from gaining admittance to some of the better programs available. Should you take the test again? Or should you enhance other areas that might make up for the low scores?

You want to help yourself and others so the purpose of your experiment is to determine whether test-takers would benefit by retaking an achievement test if their test scores were too low. You have been able to get 100 volunteers who are willing to retest or retrain for the test regardless of their original scores.

Generate your hypothesis consistent with the goal of evaluating the effects of retesting.

To begin setting up your experiment, answer the following questions:

a. What is you hypothesis?

b. What is your independent variable?

c. What is your dependent variable?

d. How will you assign volunteers to test conditions?

e. What elements of the experiment will you need to control?

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