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the advantages and disadvantages to adoption. Another avenue to include is the international
adoptions from third world countries. Parents adopt these children as
babies but realize the disabilities that may come out later in development,
for instance children who are nonverbal or have mental health problems


I want you to write a research paper by following these instructions:

* Length 7-8 pages with out the reference page

*A 2-4-page introduction of the topic, including a brief review of the literature

*Examples of how your topic relates to our current education system (may include examples of what has proven to be effective); this will be about 2 Pages.

*At least 7-10 sources for the reference page

* A section entitled Implications and Future Recommendations (1 page); this is where you will discuss your opinion on the topic as well as the implications based on your research findings. This is the only section where you can insert your own thoughts and make recommendations. The rest of the paper should be research based.

* Font 12 and double space.

* Remember to use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. You are our future teachers!

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