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The Allegory of the Cave can be broken into four stages. The first stage includes the shadows of the objects that the prisoners see. The prisoners presume these images to be real and are not aware the shadows are being cast by puppeteers onto the wall. They believe if they understand and study the objects then they will succeed in life. The objects seen in the caves dim light is the second stage. A prisoner breaks free and realizes he has been looking at shadows and not the true object. The prisoner makes his way out of the cave and in stage three can see the objects in daylight. The daylight is painful to his eyes and he has to grow accustomed to seeing reality. Finally, in stage four the prisoner returns to the cave to share with the other prisoners what he has seen. The prisoners find him to be weak and his stories ridiculous so much so that they want to kill him. In The Allegory of the Cave, Plato equates the cave dwellers as humans before philosophy.

Today, life in the cave can be compared to receiving your news from only one source. If the news you receive is from a major television network you are bound by their opinions and narrow coverage of a news topic. By accessing alternative news sources you are gaining information you otherwise would not have known existed.

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