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This project is to create a powerpoint presentation from the attached “mini-lecture” (class assignment) that was previously completed. Below are the instructor’s directions for completing the power point presentation.

Choose one of your mini-lectures and create an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. It should be long enough to accompany your lecture, providing content at a comfortable pace to hold the interest of your audience. The text of your mini-lecture should be divided up in the Notes section of the PowerPoint with each section related specifically to the slide content. DO NOT REWRITE YOUR MINI-LECTURE. SIMPLY DIVIDE IT UP INTO THE NOTES SECTION OF THE POWERPOINT WITH MATERIAL THAT CORRESPONDS TO THE IMAGES YOU ARE PUTTING INTO THE POWERPOINT.

The PowerPoint will have:

  • An opening slide that identifies the series and lecture titles, hypothetical date, and author (you).
  • A total of 8-10 slides that show images, clips, or other multimedia elements to illustrate specific points of your lecture.
  • Citations for all images on the slide or in a bibliography at the end.
  • The text of your mini-lecture accurately divided up in the Notes section.”

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