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For this paper, you’ll be critically investigating and making a claim or argument of your chosen topic. You must use a number of academic and reputable sources to serve as evidence, support your argument, and/or serve as counterargument. Remember, this paper IS NOT simply a research report! You SHOULD NOT simply present data, facts, and information that you learned from various sources. You should present an original argument and defend it with supporting evidence.

Your final research paper must:

  • Be 6-8 pages in length
  • Be in MLA format
  • Have a strong and focused thesis statement that makes an arguable claim about the chosen topic
  • 5 resources (at least 4 of which must scholarly resources, that is from a book or academic journal, NOT a website/magazine/newspaper)

Note: This paper is an exercise in critical thinking. Your argument must be original and compelling (do not simply retell someone else’s argument from one of your sources). Also, remember that an important part of this paper will be analyzing, unpacking, and working closely with your sources, showing how they contribute to your own argument.

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