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This is the CTL notes about the assignment, he told me there is a lot of paraphrased sentences without citations and there is a lot of sentances that explains the same thing again and again. And the professor gave us a guide for project 4 how it gonna be graded, it will be in the attached files.

CTL notes:

It was nice to see you in the CTL today. You came for help with your final paper for your Composition II class. You brought about three pages to me of what is meant to be a 4-5 page final draft. Upon reading what you’ve written so far, I found that you have a strong sense how your topic and Olive Kitteridge link together. However, I noted several cases where you use circular logic (“when people are happy in a relationship, they are happy in a relationship”) and recommended that you find ways to connect different segments of your argument more effectively. I also recommended trying to tie your scholarly sources to facets of Olive and Henry’s relationship so that there was a strong thematic center tying together each of your main points. I also cautioned that it would be smart to place citations following where you paraphrased segments from the book, as at the moment, that paraphrasing could be misconstrued for plagiarism. Finally, I pointed out that there were points in your final paragraph where you used terms that your audience might be unfamiliar with, and it would be best to define them. We agreed that you would schedule another appointment with me once you had a complete draft.

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