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1.Innovations in Modern Architecture: Response Paper to Video “The Falling Water House” by Frank Lloyd Wright (30 points)

In 1935 American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed his masterpiece, Falling Water, located 43 miles outside of Pittsburgh in rural southwestern Pennsylvania. Experiencing Falling Water, in person or through other media, has been a rite of passage for artists for decades, and a trip to “the house on the waterfall” has become an almost mandatory pilgrimage for students of 20th century American architecture.
Your assignment is to watch the video documentary “The Falling Water House” ( and write a response paper. Your essay should be word processed in 12 pt type and be at least two full pages in length, double-spaced, with no extra spacing between paragraphs. Address all of the following questions and be sure to use your own wordsdon’t plagiarize!
1.For what Pittsburgh family did Frank Lloyd Wright design Falling Water?
2.Was there a structure at the site at the time of the commission? If so, what purpose did it serve?
3.Describe the details of the commission.
4.What natural elements at the site was Wright drawn to? How did Wright integrate nature with the exterior, as well as the interior of the house?
5.Describe some of the practical problems of building a home over a waterfall; what structural device did Wright incorporate into the design to counter them?
6.In what ways does Falling Water exemplify Wright’s philosophy of “organic architecture?”
7.The relationship of the house with its surroundings, the furniture, the choice of colors and materials, the windows, etc., all attest to why Falling Water is an icon of American architecture. What design elements do you find most interesting about Falling Water and why?

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