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The last argument, well not really an argument but a request, was a request to wear a ball cap in stead of our eight point cover with our military working uniform. About two years ago, we were authorized to wear ball caps however it was at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. In order for the young Sailors to wear this ball cap, they had to convince me on why we should authorize them to wear the ball cap. Their arguments were that it would bring camaraderie among the Sailors, boost morale, and that it looked good. My counterargument was that we look good now with the cover we have at this time. We all look the same with our sister service i.e. Army, Air Force. I told them since we were a joint command, how would it look if we are able to wear something different and they couldn’t, how is this camaraderie? Additionally, I told them if they wanted to wear a ball cap, go to a ship. On a Navy ship, ball caps are the head gear exclusively in the working uniform. I used sound and logic means in my counterargument and was successful in my persuasion.


I remember having a debate about politics and did I use logic and reasoning? I sure did, however I learned logic and reasoning isn’t brought up with half the people talking about politics these days. The whole argument was the recent temp ban on Iran and I would hate to bring this up in my discussion because there are currently mixed emotions with everyone. So far, logic and sound reasoning helps a lot during these arguments to make points clear without reinstating them. Sadly, I was not able to persuade that person because like I said earlier the topic have a lot of mixed emotions.

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