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Referring back to “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus, Can you describe a time when you felt that no matter how hard you try to accomplish a goal, it was always something that set you back? As in the novel, Sisyphus kept trying to roll the rock up the mountain, but it kept on rolling back down. Please provide a brief explanation of your example.


As a mother of a ten year old son, I often discipline my son for many things. I take away his ipad, favorite games, or anything that he likes. However, at some point he becomes numb to the fact that I take things and the discipline doesn’t work for him. So my question would refer back to the “Myth of Sisyphus”. If pushing the rock up the hill and it rolling back down was some type punishment, do you think he actually learned something from it or did he become numb to the situation? Share your experience with punishment.

How do you handle the same punishment?

Do you become numb from doing the same thing.

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