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1) As as you read through The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, write down answers to the questions below.

2) Use YOUR OWN WORDS. Avoid quotes.  Use appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

3) Each Question is worth 5 points

Questions 1-10 cover Chapters 1 – 6  

  1. Why does Douglass say that slaves fathered by their masters suffer great hardships?
  2. How does Douglass respond to the argument that the children of Ham  are destined to be slaves?
  3. For what reasons was Douglass’ aunt whipped?
  4. What was the monthly food allowance for slaves?
  5. Where did slaves sleep?
  6. What was Douglass’ interpretation of slaves singing?
  7. What was Douglass’ primary discomfort when he was a small child?
  8. How were slave children fed?
  9. Why were slaves forbidden to learn how to read?
  10. According to Douglass, why are city slaves sometimes treated differently from slaves on a rural plantation?

Questions 11-20 cover Chapters 7-11  

11. How was slavery “injurious” to Master Hugh’s wife?

12. How did Douglass learn how to read and write?

13. Describe the relationship between Douglass’ grandmother and her master, including what occurred at the end of her life.

14. What was the impact of Master Auld’s relationship with his slaves after being converted?

15. What was the impact of Mr. Covey on Douglass during his first six months with him AND after their fight?

16. What strategy was most effective in preventing slave insurrection?  Why was it effective?

17. What was the relationship between slaves under Mr. Freeland?

18. Why did white shipbuilders say they refused to work with “colored” carpenters?

19. How does Douglass describe the emotional state of a fugitive slave?

20. Why was Douglass surprised about what he saw in New Bedford?

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