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Read the passage:

Marino Bizzi, a Christian visitor to Ottoman Albania, is robbed by a government militia

[The Turkish militia] broke into the house, causing much din and uproar, as is the custom of the Turks … My nephew, however, half dressed as he was, rose quickly to his feet and showed them the patent [passport] of the Sultan…Taking it in his hands, Sinam Rais [the leader of the militia] read all the commands it contained, for the adherence of which the Kadi of Bar [a local nobleman], who is also the Kadi of Ulcinj, was responsible. Once he had read it aloud, with everyone listening attentively, it looked as if Sinam had decided to leave us alone … But since these scoundrels had travelled all night in the hope of booty and did not want to return empty handed, they … began to cart all our possessions out into the courtyard and force our people outdoors under guard… not only did they take away all our money, aside from a few coins I had sewn into my vest, but Suleyman Aga, finding a jacket belonging to my nephew, which had cost forty scudi [coins], put it on and set off with the others for Ulcinj, leaving all of us stunned and confused. The last one to leave was Sinam Rais, who protested that he had not agreed to such wicked deeds and that he had not taken so much as an asper [penny] from the booty. He begged us to bear witness to this fact, should it be necessary.As soon as the Turks left, the whole courtyard in which we were standing was flooded with armed [Greek] villagers who had supposedly come to my rescue. They excused themselves by saying that the incident had taken place so early that no one had realized what was going on, except those already at work. This was all nonsense because in actual fact, they had taken great care not to put up any resistance to the Turks (who came to the village daily) in order not to make enemies of them and not to suffer even more from their insolence.

Then IN A 100 WORD ESSAY answer the following question, using the passage as a source:

How could the Ottoman Empire be one of the greatest military powers of the world, yet at the same time be unable to enforce its most basic internal rules?

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