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Today, the board is debating whether or not it is possible for everyone in America to have health care. The interactive presentation, Unit 1 Board of Directors Meeting, gives you an idea of what the board members have to say about this issue.

The board is interested in what you have to say about this issue. Now that you have completed the readings for this unit and have seen what the board members think, it is time to offer your own opinion. Do you think it is possible for everyone in America to have health care? Explain why or why not, and be sure to incorporate both the readings and some of the board members’ opinions into your response.


Create a 1 page essay using 2-3 sources for references in APA Format. Be sure to include in-text citations.

Use the following readings as sources: 1. Morrison, E. E. (2014). Health Care Ethics, 3rd Edition. pp. 317–326. 2. Gitterman, D. P., Weiner, B. J., Domino, M. E., McKethan, A. N., & Enthoven, A. C. (2003). The Rise and Fall of a Kaiser Permanente Expansion Region. Milbank Quarterly, 81(4), 567-601.

Furthermore, use the transcript in the attachment file to get the opinions of the Board of Directors Meeting.

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