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Answer the following questions.

1. Which of the following would be the best future prediction about American political culture?

A. There will be no change to the ethnic makeup of the nation.

B. The population will continue to gradually decrease.

C. American political culture will not allow diversity.

D. American political culture will continue to change over time.

2. What were the ideals that influenced the founders to create the House of Representatives?

A. To create a house of Congress that is more in touch with the people than the Senate.

B. They wanted the representatives to have a strong and aggressive control on the people they governed.

C. The founders created it as employment and additional income for the people.

D. The government would have representation for only the rich population.

3. Which is an example of a label that is assigned to identify a generation within the American population?

A. Citizen Kane

B. Baby Boomers

C. Generation X

D. Both b and c

4. ______ argued that true democracy was impossible unless all citizens participate in governmental decision making.

A. Sir Isaac Newton

B. Thomas Hobbes

C. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

D. King Henry VIII

5. Which is one of the reasons stated within the online text that Americans decreased their family size in the beginning of the 20th century?

A. Both b and c

B. Most families migrated to the rural areas where big families were not necessary.

C. The government offered an incentive if family size stayed small.

D. The rise of industrialization.

6. According to statistics, in the early 2000s, what was the trend of traditional family households?

A. The traditional family household had shown a decrease.

B. There was no sign of the change in the data on traditional family households.

C. The amount of traditional family households was equal to that of single-parent family households.

D. More than half were had children over the age of 18 years of age.

7. What occurred in Europe before the American Revolution that had people questioning government?

A. The persecution of people because of religion.

B. World War I.

C. The Enlightenment period.

D. An overthrow of the British crown.

8. Which of the following was one of Thomas Hobbes’s argument in Leviathan, a influential work in the creation of the American government:

A. Man’s true nature is war.

B. Men are generally good by nature.

C. Men naturally do not desire power.

D. All governments are tyrants.

9. What is the most significant part of the social contract?

A. The people refuse to allow the government any power over them.

B. People give the government permission to govern over them.

C. It is the basis for a tyrannical government.

D. The people choose their monarch ruler to govern them.

10. According to Hobbes’s Leviathan:

A. Governments cause people to act out violence; therefore, it is not good.

B. People need a limited government only to provide food but people can develop their own liberties.

C. Government is obsolete.

D. Without government, people will not survive long.

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