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This is my essay, I need you to revise it following these instructions: 1. I can see you got some good insights from the book or books. I don’t understand why you didn’t follow the directions. I don’t see any page numbers or anything from the documents.

2. follow the prompt carefully:

Option A. 3-page essay

___ Three page essay (double spaced) using the small book The Silk Roads.

___ Develop one main point or theme based on the information and insights you gained from the book.

Here are three examples of themes that could work for this essay:

“The silk roads helped transform classical societies into postclassical societies.”

“Cultures connected on the silk roads, leading to new variations.”

“Just as the silk roads spread religions, religions strengthened the silk roads.”

(You can find more ideas for themes from The Silk Roads, page 174-175.)

___ In your first paragraph, introduce the topic you are covering and state your main point. Give the reader a basic overview of how you will develop your essay.

___ Develop your main point with specific information, insights and quotes from the documents. You will also find the introduction helpful, and also your textbook.

___ Instead of footnotes, simply mention where you got your material and give a page number (in parentheses). Tell a little bit about the sources you use, so we can see what perspective they offer.

___ Try to include about twelve short quotes or observations from the documents.

___ Please use short or medium-sized paragraphs.

___ In your conclusion, discuss how the readings can enrich our lives and add to our understanding of the world. You may also note if you found any of the writings particularly rewarding.

make sure to read what is missing, and what the prompt asks to answer the question.

Please indicate 12 quotes with MLA format.

I do not have the pdf of the book.

the book is The Silk Roads by xinru liu. I will attach the picture and my essay.

I think you guys do have the book!

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