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Respond to your peer by providing at least two suggested resources as well as what each resource can offer, that could be added to their information sheet. These resources need to provide teachers with further information regarding ADHD. An example of a resource might be Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You will need to explain what the resource offers regarding ADHD.

The three types of ADHD are inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, and combined. The inattentive type deals with the child’s attention span . The hyperactive-impulsive relates more with the child moving around in weird ways that may be disturbing. Some say that the causes are linked with biology , genetics and environment factors. For biology, I would use a brain injury as an example because biology can relate to the body sometimes.The genetics talks about how the child obtained ADHD by inherited it from their parents. For the environment cause some say that smoking and alcohol use are common. I feel like getting a diagnosis on whether or not your child has ADHD matters because they may appear to have symptoms but may not have the diagnosis. There have been cases like that known. The possible signs and symptoms are movement that may not be under control, and lack of attention. When it comes to ADHD and the IDEA law , the law helps provide services based on educational needs. When it comes to the section 504 law this law helps to protect the student from being mistreated because of their disability.

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