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Discuss which of the traditional teaching strategies mentioned in the text (accelerated, compacting, enrichment, independent studies) you would use with that child. Be sure to justify your choice of strategy by using evidence from your peer’s initial response that leads you to believe this would be the best strategy for this child. In addition, discuss what the positive outcomes of using this strategy with this child would be.

Today I observe a kindergarten class in a daycare center setting. There was one little girl her name is Ellie and she is 5 years old. I had a chance to observe her in the morning part of the day. In the morning the children have free choice until everyone comes in. free choice the children are allowed to play in all the different areas like book area, art area, housekeeping/drama area just to name a few. When Ellie comes in she goes straight to the book area first she would sit their reading books and then she would have questions about the story. One of Ellie’s academic that I observed in the classroom was that she likes to read advance material and can understand what she read. Another academic characteristic Ellie exhibits is she has a good memory. She also loves to draw and singing. The two areas she would spin most of her free time in are the art area and music area. Ellie is independent and creative she would create her own songs. In the article I have read it says that a child shows different and advance behavior from other kids of the same age. Also some kids show their gift from age of one (Raise smart kid, 2015). When Ellie is in the music area with some of the other children she would make up a song and teach it to the children and they would sing it. When she is in the art area she put so much attention to the picture she is drawing form the beginning to the end.


Characteristics of a gifted child (2015)…

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