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Respond to a post from the viewpoint of the child’s parent. Offer some reasons why you are satisfied with your child’s support from his/her teacher. What is one thing you might want to see implemented into your child’s education that will specifically help with their SLI and why?

a. The IDEA law helps to support students with disabilities and provides educational services.

b.Collaborating with the pathologist is important because the goal is to get with like minded people to help the child become a better person.

c. My daily routine with a child with this particular problem will consist of making sure that they are close enough to hear and see what I am doing in the classroom. Also, I want to make sure that the student is focused and attentive. I will suggest that they will not be afraid to ask questions. I suggest when the child interacts with their peers that it should be based on an educational level not fun and games.

d. If a student with SLI is being picked on in my classroom , I would first separate the children from one another. The next thing I will do is get the principal involved . There will be no fun and games in my classroom , meaning I will not tolerate any situation that will not benefit the children’s educational success.

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