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You may use any of the stories we have read over these last weeks.

As I suggested in the assignment notes, it is best to expand upon one of the discussion postings.

Assignment: Please write a 2-3 page paper focusing on the stories we have read for the first section of class, short story. The paper must include a focused thesis statement, must have evidence to support your thesis, and will be considered “superior” if literary criticisms are used. (Using secondary sources is not required for this paper but is encouraged).

** You may select to expand on one of your IRP postings.

Primary sources: Are the stories you have read. Secondary sources: is the information that you use to back up your thoughts.

Link to assist you with understanding primary and secondary sources: Primary and Secondary Sources.

You may compare two or more stories with regard to any component: Plot, Character, Theme, Setting, Point of View

Or you may look at the literary techniques:
Symbol (archetypal)
Style of writing(rhythm, rhyme, sentence structure….)

** Remember your IRPs may be the initial thought for this longer paper.

You may use UML library as well as the link provided here at the Internet Public Library (click).

You may not use Wikipedia as a secondary source.

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