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ASSIGNMENT: For this forum, Group A (Last name A-H) will assume the role of an individual who supported the American Revolution (a Patriot or Whig), while Group B (Last name I-Z) will argue against it as Loyalist or Tory citizens. Try not to make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the colonies in the period up to, and including, the American Revolution. You could be a Colonial politician, a merchant, a farmer, a shop owner, or even a Southern plantation owner. Be creative. Your responses should be a minimum of 100 words, and should contribute to the dialogue.

STUDENT 1 {Neff}:

I am Thomas Hutchinson and I have always been a loyalist. I have always and with always support the crown no matter what the consequences. I have been fortunate to have come from a fine Boston family and have been in politics sense 1737 where I elected a Boston selectman. My father was a well off merchant who was able to send me to Harvard College where I was able to complete my degree when I was sixteen ( Staff, 2009). Even though I am a loyalist I tried to be fair to all those involved. While I was Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives I “persuaded the legislature to retire the province’s degraded paper currency” ( Staff, 2009). In 1752 I began accumulating more pubic offices which increased the hatred and envy by others. With no law degree I became a Judge and eventually a Chief Justice. I eventually became the Lieutenant Governor which put me in the middle of all of the turmoil of 1763. In my position I was consider a supporter of the Crown yet I opposed the Stamp Act. Regardless of all of the support I did show the non-loyalist in 1765 they destroyed my home and contents by burning it to the ground (, 2016). It has become increasing impossible to control them and as hard as I try it is impossible to accommodate London and the resistance in any manner. You destroyed all of that tea which was to help the colonies, this is again another way that the crown was helping the colonies. The Royals are trying to work together and I do not understand why you would not except the tea shipment. Staff. (2009). Thomas Hutchinson. Retrieved from: (2016). The Loyalists. Retrieved from:

STUDENT 2 {Norman}:

My fellow colonist,

As a your Apothecary and a trusted member of our community I hope that my following words are not simply dismissed without proper consideration of the message. Through our many interactions I have listened to some common concerns that I certainly understand but also feel may be absent some important perspective.

My time on this Earth and my education on history proves to me that taxes are never a popular item among those who are not on the receiving end of them. We are expected to pay taxes to the crown now and that puts a strain on us all. My initial thoughts behind such action were that of anger and frustration but as I evaluated the situation further I was able to find some wisdom behind the decision.

Let us consider the purposing of the taxes in the first place. The intent was not to impoverish those of us here but rather to protect us from the likes of those who would fight us over land. The Indians and the French are real threats to what we have and what we hope to establish. Taxes could afford us appropriate protection against such threats. One might easily accuse the crown of abandoning it’s people in need of protection just the same as some have accused it of trying to unfairly ask for our money. It is fair to say that one way or another we all will require a force that stands ready to protect this land and our interests. So how will we afford that? Will enough men be willing to do it for free and will they be of a capable skill level? These are important questions we must ask ourselves in considering where our tax dollars are going and what the result is if we refuse to pay. Will we not eventually end up having to pay taxes at some point and who is to say they won’t be even higher than what they are now?

There is plenty more to consider in this equation but for now I urge you to consider what I have written now. I feel as though we are on the verge of what could be a grave mistake with poor understanding and foresight as the culprits. This land is full of opportunity and having the security of established government should allow for it to grow and flourish as long as we do not spoil it.

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