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Must be original and plagiarism free, I have attached my e-textbook for you to use Chapter 10 is on tobacco. Must have in-text citations and if any others resources are used other than the attached textbook, they need to be ones that I can look up online for FREE!!! No title page required.

Read “A Day in A Life of American Adolescents” (Attached). Also, visit the following National Institute of Drug Abuse Teen drug information site. (Please read the attached article…) E-textbook is also attached…Reference is attached within the E-textbook.

NIDA Teen site:

Using the two resources above, write a 2-page reflection essay about teens and nicotine addictions. Respond to these questions in the essay and use our text as reference to support your ideas (Attached). You may use the websites as academic support too.

  • Why do teens become addicted nicotine despite knowing that cigarette smoking is harmful to them?
  • Using the information from the Day in A Life document and NIDA website, explain the drug use trends of teens 12 to 17. Which teens are predicted to be poly-substance users?
  • What is the relationship between first substance use and the types of drugs that are used?
  • What do you think that teen smoking will decrease or increase in the next decade? Explain your prediction.

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