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Topic 1 of 1: Theories, Resiliency, and Nature/Nurture

After you complete the reading assignment and review the video that overviews several theories of development, please answer all questions.

  1. Resiliency is considered to be an important factor for children. List three factors that are known to promote resiliency in children, and explain why these factors are important to a child’s development.
  2. Sam is a 16-year-old high-school student who struggles with relationships, school, and keeping an after-school job. He lives with his mom and five younger brothers. There is tension in the household as Sam is resentful in having to babysit his younger brothers in the evenings when his mom has to go to work. When something bad happens, such as when Sam fails a class or if he loses a job, he becomes depressed and is unable to recover for long periods of time. Sam has also been diagnosed as below average intelligence, but he is capable of succeeding in school if he works very hard.
    1. What theorist (Erikson, Piaget, or Vygotsky) do you think best explains Sam, and why?
    2. Do you believe nature or nurture has more of an impact on Sam, and why?

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