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Just a few years ago my chosen occupation was debt collection. It was to say the least a toxic environment. While it paid a nice salary with regular bonuses it was stressful work. Stress from the boss, you better meet your quota. From the debtor, I don’t have any money to give you. To contacting associates however remote. Turnover was high, three months was considered normal. My interaction was colleagues was something akin to being in a bad neighborhood and just trying to keep your head down. Office pools were common to see who’d be the next one to bite the dust. This environment in part lead to an increased amount of alcoholic consumption. It started with the little lie ” just to take the edge off “. This over a course of months led to a daily habit where every day ended with one bottle or another. If this had continued without abatement it would have been easy for an outsider to see the result. Liver failure is much higher statistically among those who drink in excess. A wake up call came in the form of not being able to balance the check book, choosing between booze and gas. I left this position and have never regretted that decision for a moment.

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