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For this Assignment, you will conduct a unit or department level needs assessment, select one job or set of skills that need development, and write a plan to implement a program of training for the recognized need. Following the General Systems Model of Training and Development, your plan will propose changes based on the existing needs of the organization as compared to its current strategy for growth. The process will include the following steps:

  • Conduct a Needs Analysis. You will identify “skills gaps” by comparing organizational needs and current skill levels. You may use any of the various methods of data collection including: surveys, interviews, company records, observations, and discussions with the management from your chosen organization. Upon discovering one specific organizational training need, your needs analysis should also include a specific performance analysis for that specific job. The main output of this exercise is to identify the behavioral discrepancy or lack of experience that inhibits performance to the organization’s needs.
  • Develop Instructional Objectives and Write Development Criteria. Assuming that the choice from your performance analysis is training, you will write behaviorally oriented learning objectives for the one identified skill or skillset. Depending upon whether the immediate need is the training of a set of skills or ongoing, future development of skills, you will write specific instructional objectives. If the focus is a development program, you will provide the development objectives.
  • Design a program of instruction. You will stipulate your behavioral approach and propose specific methods from training and development instruction. The focus is to provide the best techniques and program for the specific skill type and job. Your training design can use any or all or the methods and adult learning technologies outlined in Chapter 13 of your text. If your proposal is for a management level position, your plan should include specific techniques for developing that behavior.
  • Evaluation of Training and Development Plan – You will propose steps to ensure that your training and development plan is effective. The focus will include how to potentially measure results, behavioral changes, and the extent to which learning is validated by organizational objectives.

Upon completion, the training and development plan will help to provide a clear path of aligning employee performance with the organization’s needs. The plan should take into account the most cost effective methods that use valid psychological principles of adult learning. Ultimately, the training and development plan will be another used for planning talent resources in all organizational functions.

Assignment Directions

The Assignment should use the following format:

  1. Introduction – At the beginning of the Assignment, please include a summary of the organization background, its purpose and strategic focus, organizational objectives, and development approach to developing its employees.
  2. Methods – Detail your method of making conducting the needs and performance analyses, including the systematic account of how data was collected and analyzed. Include a copy of any tools and instruments (questionnaire, interview protocols, etc.) that you use to collect the data as an attachment.
  3. Results – Discuss the results of your analysis and recommend a specific job skill or set of skills for development. Make sure to include any cost benefit analysis and any anecdotal incidents of poor performance. For privacy and anonymity purposes, no names or specific employee data will be reported in your analysis.
  4. Training and Development Plan – Outline the details of your training objectives, learning model, and training and development design techniques. Your plan should also include an ongoing development plan to ensure these skills are maintained and introduced to incoming employees.
  5. Evaluation Plan – Summarize your plan to formally evaluate the effectiveness of your training plan and the whether training objectives have been met. These learning objectives should align with the organizational strategy and objectives described in the introduction. The evaluation will also assess whether the training addresses the ethical, legal, individual, and socio-cultural values of the organization.
  6. References – You will summarize any additional articles and reference material. This includes any internal organizational information or training data.
  7. Appendices – Include any charts and tables that summarize your analyses.

Length: 6 to 10 pages (Not including cover page and reference page).

Unit 9 Assignment Rubric (PLEASE FOLLOW THIS RUBRIC)

% – Points

Points Earned


Introduction – Summarizes the organization’s purpose, strategic focus, products or services, and its training and development strategy. Includes a review of the psychological and motivational basis for the compensation strategy you have selected.


Needs Analysis – Provides a detailed methodology of assessing training needs of the organization

A)Detailed procedures for how your needs and performance analyses was conducted.

B)A systematic account of how data was collected and analyzed, to include a tools and instruments for data collection.

C)Discuss the results of your analysis and recommend a specific job skill or set of skills for development.





Training and Development Plan – Provides a detailed plan that develops a program of training and development to address specific training need.

A)A summary of the your training objectives and the psychological principals and learning model used to achieve those objectives

B)A summary of training and development instructional techniques specific to this job.




Evaluation Plan – Summarizes how your training and development plan will be evaluated for its effectiveness.

A)The plan will include specific program metrics to align with the organization’s performance objectives.

B)The plan takes into consideration how the plan will be used to meet ethical, legal, individual, and socio-cultural demands of the organization.





Style and Mechanics: Uses complete paragraphs, clear and logical organization throughout, moves fluidly between sections. Primarily student’s own words with quotes used very sparingly, includes several references to support conclusions. Meets 6 to 10 page length requirements (not including cover page or reference page).


APA Style: Formatted correctly using APA style. Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, double-spaced, and free of typographical errors.




An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the assignment could be strengthened will be included with your grade.

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