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I am needing a short post (2 paragraphs) for the following topic: View this interactive discussion scenario and answer the question(s) posed at the end of the presentation.

The video link includes a notes tab which provides the transcript to the video.

Please use MLA citations if including reference.

I will also need 2 peer responses created. (Must be written as if speaking directly to the poster.) Please see the post created by my classmates below:

1) If I was presented with many of my employees all requesting the same holiday weekend off and threatening to quit if not given this time off I would first step back for a minute to assess the situation I’m dealing with. Given that many of the employees are angry and making threats of leaving the company, I feel it would be in my best interest to take a few minutes to think about my action plan. I am good at controlling my anger and given the fact I could potentially be dealing with angry employees its imperitive for me not to just react immediatly. This gives me a chance to calm down and not engage with disgruntled employees until I am in a rational frame of mind. I would take the time to look at each employees request and the reasons given for needing this time off. Given certain comapany policies regarding time off such as senoirity, school exams, childcare etc. this needs to be factored in when making my decision. When I am done reviewing all these fcators and requests I will make my decision on who will be awarded the time off. I am very confident in my ability to communicate and talk to people which I feel is very important. Having good people skills and being able to handle difficult situations is a critical part of being a successful manager . That being said part of being a manager means you have to have those difficult conversations and make hard decisions in regards to your employees. I would then call each of my employees into my office to discuss there situations individually and explain to them how I reached my decisions. I feel giving them the reasons on why there requests were not accepted will help them understand its not personal or playing favorites but I am following company policy.I would of course let them know that there hard work is appreciated and they are valuable members to the company. For the employees who were not afforded the time off I will explain to them that the company has policies in place for these situations and that I do sympathize with there needs and understand them being upset but in order for the company to run properly especially when its a busy holiday weekend that we need to have enough employees to ensure we accomidate our customers needs. There will be other holiday weekends throughout the year they might be able to take advantage of and use there time off for those instead. I would explain to them that I totally understand there frustration and reasons for threatning to quit if not given the time off, although I dont agree with going about it that way. I would reiterate to them how much I do value them as employees and would hope they chose to continue working for our company.

– Greg

2) The way I would approach this situation would be to first call a team meeting. I would calmly discuss with the team members the conflict that has arose because of the holiday weekend. I would explain how normally days off are based off of certain things such as seniority. Since this is however a holiday weekend, and new team members will feel that they don’t ever stand a chance I would suggest two options to the team: rotating holiday weekends or picking names. I would then let them vote on that, and also let them voice any ideas on how it could be resolved or if they have any concerns. I feel this would be the most fair way because even though seniority is important it would also leave the new employees with working every holiday.


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