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The Court System in the United States has a long history. The Court System influenced the structure of the courts today and the roles of the major participants in the process.

For this assignment create a powerpoint to illustrate various aspects of the court system. Be creative with visuals – you may create tables, videos, diagrams, graphics, images, or any other type of visuals you would like. You should use a balance of text and images – remember powerpoint presentations are images driven. Format any text, information, images, or graphics from outside sources in the visuals consistent with APA guidelines.

Create a 8 to 10 slide Powerpoint presentation that addresses the following topics:

Major historical development in the U.S. courts

Five (5) sources of law in the U.S.

Dual court system of the Unites States

Policy making in State courts: cite a state court decision that had an impact on U.S. policy/society

Policy making in Federal courts: cite a Supreme court decision that had an impact on U.S. policy/society

Judges: formal qualifications (list at least 3 at state level) and informal Qualifications (list at least 4 at federal level)

Includes at least 6 visuals, such as diagrams, images, and videos, etc. in your presentation. Your Powerpoint must have a title page and a reference page slide.

Address all topics fully in your presentation. You may combine topics/slides if they are associated.

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