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1. What is the difference between herbs and spices? How are they similar?

2. Why are recipes important in the culinary arts world? Name two reasons.

3. What is leveling? Why is it important?

4. How and why do culinary artists plate their dishes?

5. What is mise en place? Why is it advantageous to chefs and cooks?

Critical Thinking Questions

1. In your opinion, how important is it to plate a dish so that it is visually appealing?

2. Do you think it’s important to follow a recipe exactly or is it okay to go with your instinct?

3. What factors would you consider when determining which cooking method to use to cook a piece of meat?

4. How important is it for cooks to know how to use herbs and spices?

5. Have you ever baked a bread or dessert from scratch? If so, were you pleased with the outcome? Explain.

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