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This assignment does not require APA format and you can copy the definitions from the materials given to answer the questions

Each question has to have 3 or more sentences

Please use simple grammar as English is not my first language

If you use another site to find the answer to something, please provide the link below the question

The questions are:

1. Distinguish between a social definition of crime and a legal definition of crime. Give an example of each definition

2. List and describe the seven elements of crime. (For this one you can do bullet points)

3. List and define the six defenses to a crime that can absolve a defendant from a criminal responsibility. Give an example of how that person may “get off the hook” for that crime

4. Identify the major sources of crime statistics in the United States

5. Explain what is meant by the “dark figure of crime”?

6. List the eight index crimes contained in the part I offenses of the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and explain it’s significance.

7. Compare and contrast National Crime Victimization surveys (NCVS) with self report crime surveys.

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