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You will create a pamphlet designed to educate and inform the “average joe” regarding the facts and myths surrounding Affirmative Action. As you are creating this pamphlet, envision it as a supplemental resource to the Final Business Analysis Project Action Plan your group creates for the business you assessed. You will bring a copy of this pamphlet to accompany your Final Business Assessment presentation.

Your pamphlet should:

  • detail a brief history of the Affirmative Action Initiative, along with the rationale as to why it was first created
  • address myths and facts surrounding the concept of Affirmative Action
  • explain the importance of understanding this initiative, and based on your research, where you see this initiative fitting into diversity improvement in today’s workplaces
  • be sure to properly cite any references used on a back page or panel of the pamphlet

Here is a file attached that has the reading and the links

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