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consider the relationship between art and design in a formal essay of 500-600 words. Begin by going back and reading your earlier thoughts on Art and Design from Module 1 (M1 Art vs Design.) Expand upon these earlier thoughts; has your thinking changed any since the beginning of the course?

You must discuss at least one work of art and one work of design from the Sayre textbook; you may add as many more (works of art or design) as you would like.

You must also use each one of the three (3) sources given in Module 11 (Sayre, Fadell TEDtalk video, Miklos Philips article) in your essay. In each case, discuss what the author said, whether or not you agree, and why. When using Sayre as a source, you may use any chapter (you don’t have to just use Chapter 15); use Chicago style for citations.

Example: In his article, Miklos Philips states “Design is a process, not art.” I cannot agree with this because art can also be a process. For example, the Crazy Horse memorial is an ongoing process, one that may never be finished in our lifetime! One could also argue that composition itself is a series of solved problems, so that art, too, like design, can be considered a problem-solving discipline.

TED Talk :

Aritcle :…

Sayre TextBook Download:!gLQh2IAT!6FPmDDBV1wmDAHFyf78KnkI…

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