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Questions (choose one)

For this first Discussion, write your commentary on one of the following questions.

  1. Five “Ways of Knowing” were presented as common among peoples of the world. Based on your previous reading of an ethnography, or your own experiences, provide an example of how a specific group of people prefer one or more of these ways to understand and explain the world around them.
  2. Compare and contrast “Ideographic” and “Nomothetic.” How do these two approaches to ethnographic case studies contribute to theory development?
  3. “Heuristic” and “Substantive” are two ways of understanding various levels of theoretical explanations. How do these differ? How will they help you to read and understand the anthropology journal articles for this course?
  4. How do the four anthropology subdisciplines, and the emphasis of applied anthropology, combine to produce theoretical explanations for the similarities and differences among peoples of the world.

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