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Mod 10 Assignment

Part 1 (25 points): In Chapter 19, we have read 11 general strategies for reducing costs. Apply these methods to your personal, professional, and/or family life. Provide a narrative list of 10 cost reduction strategies that you could implement as a “belt tightening” maneuver. Indicate the possible annual cost savings to you in doing so.

Part 2 (25 points): Please list specific steps that a manufacturing supervisor can take to prevent accidents. Then, provide several ideas that a supervisor could use to promote safety. Please describe the importance of personal safety in a work environment. Cite emotional, physical, and cost factors to the employee and organization respective of workplace safety.

Complete a report that is double spaced, using 1 inch margins and a Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Your name, date, and the module number must be on the report.

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