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What is the Reconstruction period and how did plans from Congress and from the reconstruction era presidents result in mending of the nation following the Civil War?

How did the end of Reconstruction mark the beginning of a long struggle for equality for African-Americans in the South?

What was the source of conflict between the Plains Indians and the US Government and how did Chief Joseph and Geronimo respond to their treatment from the “whites”?

How did the U.S. Government promote economic development of the West? How did the environment impact farming and daily life in the West for cattle ranchers, cowboys, and other residents of this region?

How did the developments in Steel, Oil, transportation, communications technology, and business practices impact the US Society?

Explain the working conditions and congressional actions that were facing laborers in this new Industrial Revolution that ultimately led to the formation of labor unions.

How did immigration to America change during the late 1800’s and what challenges did the new wave of immigrants face as they settled in the United States?

How did big business, innovation, and technology impact life styles, social class, and social reforms during the late 1800’s?

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