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What does it take to build a #helpful peer feedback culture in this course?
Status Incomplete
Due Date 2019-09-25 at 04:00 PM PDT (officially late)
Submission Method Compose in / Copy & Paste into Eli Review


After completing this read-write-review-revise task cycle, you will gain


  • understand why your work as a reviewer can help you improve your own writing.
  • describe the qualities of helpful comments and of a helpful peer feedback culture.


  • practice offering comments that describe, evaluate, and suggest.
  • practice using all the features of Eli Review.


(1) Read “Feedback and Improvement” (click to read) to learn why giving peer feedback improves your own writing. Pay attention to the strategies for giving helpful comments.

(2) Read “Rethinking and Revising” (click to read) to learn about the importance of time, emotions, and decision-making in using peer feedback.

(3) Then, compose a 250-word response addressed to your classmates and me, your professor, that answers these questions:

  • What is the most important idea from the readings that you think everyone in the class should remember as we build a helpful peer feedback culture? Why?
  • What idea from the readings is most challenging for you as a reviewer expected to give helpful feedback or as a writer expected to use peer feedback? How will you overcome that challenge during the course?

(4) In the next Eli Review task, you will give and get feedback from classmates.

(5) In the final Eli Review task, you will build a revision plan that engages with your peers’ reactions to your ideas.

Criteria for Success on this Writing Task

  • paraphrase or quote an idea from the readings that the class should remember
  • explain why that idea contributes to a helpful peer feedback culture
  • paraphrase or quote an idea from the readings that represents a personal challenge
  • explain how the you can approach overcoming that challenge during the course
  • meet the minimum word count of 250 words (about a page)

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