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This assignment has three parts: one 250 words own thinking and two replies.

1. Some ideas to discuss. You can answer all or some of these.(250 words)

What ethnic labels are used by the Census Bureau? Do you agree with these? Why or why not? What would you change? Is it up to the individual how they see themselves and their background?

How does social class affect your life, the lives of the people in you community, and/or the world? How is it different from place to place?

How does religion play a part in social structure?

What assumptions, if any, did you have before reading these articles? What changed? And if nothing did, why not?

Whatever you choose to explore, reference at least one of this week’s readings.

Post initial response to prompt of at least 250 words.

Read the following paragraph from other people and reply it with threads.(100 words)

In America based on the article “Class Matters” by The New York Times there are five social classes, which are, bottom fifth, lower middle, middle, upper middle and top fifth. A person’s social class is determined by their occupation, education level, annually income and wealth.

Based on the level of education, wealth and occupation my community is considered being low middle class but based on the annually incomes of the families in my community they are considered to be middle class or upper middle class. I am referring to the community in which I grew up in which is in Bakersfield, CA. In my community most of the families come from different countries, most of them have a very low level of education or none at all because they grew up not being allowed or able to go to school to get an education because their families were too poor to send them to school or to actually get a good education. These families do not really have good occupations because of their lack of education. Even though many of the families from my community have a low education level and not the best occupation they make a pretty great annual income.

I do not fully agree with the way on how they classify on which social class you belong to based on your occupation and education because just like in my community many can be classified as lower middle class or bottom fifth based on their education and occupation but they are really considered upper middle class based on their income. I just do not agree on how they classify people based on their level of education and occupation because someone can have no level of education and make an upper middle class income or better. Also someone can have his or her bachelor’s degree or doctorate degree and make a low middle class income. Do not get me wrong having an education may help you get a higher income but I do believe that people should not be classified into a certain social class based on their education level.

Read the following paragraph from other people and reply it with threads.(100 words)

Social class is an interesting thing. It used to measure a family’s economical situation. Later, it means a better life and then it means distinction. Higher class means better life or extensive sights. Most people are in middle class and want to work hard to reach a better life. I was born in a middle class family. My parents gave everything need and something others will not have such as sent me to abroad for study. Higher class is means a better economical situation. It can bring a better education chance and more opportunity to see more fresh events. In the reference ‘CLASS MATTER’, we can saw that higher quality life can brings people different outside appearance. A good economical situation can bring people more things that people want. Social class should not be a reason to judge others. Each person has own desires and minds, they know what they want and want to be instead of only need money. Health and happy life are most people purchase. The huge desire could not be a good thing because maybe someone would missing himself by chasing his desire. Most people are working hard and playing hard. Different people have different life style. Social class should be use to do something good instead of judge or prejudice.

The difference between different classes is different life. We can saw someone buy a luxury and post on the Instagram, also we can saw there have homeless people sitting on the street. People could like a picture on the Ins and could go far away from homeless. We can through social class to know where we standing for. But people just be themselves and do not influence by different life style.

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