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Part 1

Consider the following scenario:

You are employed as a school social worker. One of your students, 15-year-old Shelly, meets with you and says, “My dad really has a bad temper. Last night he got really mad at my mom. My mom wants to divorce him. My dad freaked out and said, ‘If you leave me, that’ll be the last mistake you make-I’ll get you!'” My mom is planning on leaving my dad this weekend. I’m scared.”

Address the following:

  • What, if any, criteria are present that would require mandated reporting?
  • Who, if anyone, will you call? Justify your response. Be specific. Give examples.

Part 2

Consider the following scenario:

You are a caseworker for an agency that provides childcare assistance and case management services for single parents. During a meeting with one of the clients, you notice that this applicant has a number of physical indicators that might suggest substance abuse e.g. dilated pupils, shakiness and agitation. You, however, have only read about these types of symptoms in a textbook and have no idea what these physical symptoms might indicate.

Discuss the following in your post:

  • Given this information, what can you do to find answers and help for this scenario?
  • With whom will you speak?
  • What will you do? Be specific. Give examples.

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