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The class is called political science: insects and civilization

This is week one content work:(the doc is about what need to learn in it. The length is does not matter, i will mark it as 2 pages.)

-Week one topic is Metamorphosis; Insect behavior; Centipedes, Millipedes .

Build your own quiz by making a list of 5 take-away statements about Week 1 content. Post your list under the discussion board prompt titled Quiz 1.

What is a Take-Away Statement?

A one to two-sentence original statement about something you learned. Each statement is in your own words, and reflects critical thinking about the content.

Example: Unlike caterpillars, beetle larvae do not have suction-like back legs.

What is NOT a Take-Away Statement?

Direct quotes from class material.

Lists of facts pulled from course material and/or outside sources (i.e. google, wikipedia, etc.)

Incomplete sentences.

Example: I really like beetles because they are cool. (This shows no connection to something learned from the class. Although it’s good to include your thoughts, make sure you are also communicating a connection to something learned in the course.)

Example: Beetles are the largest order of insects. (This is a straight fact that is too similar to course textbook material.)

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