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I am needing a short post (2 paragraphs) for the following topic: View this interactive discussion scenario and answer the question(s) posed at the end of the presentation.

The video link includes a notes tab which provides the transcript to the video.

Please use MLA citations if including reference.

I will also need 2 peer responses created. Please see the post created by my classmates below:

1) Larry’s bonus plan only for himself and two other coworkers which going to help anyone else when others see the plan there going to get upset and ask why they get be on the bonus. When Larry told jane to have the coworkers watch them talk to customer’s I am sure they know how to talk. This bonus plan only going to benefit Larry and his two coworkers. If I was on the team I would strive to make the bonus just to show them that anyone that is drive will make the bonus. What person don’t want a bonus if you’re that person then that’s great. Motivate is the key to success if you want it but Larry should make is a team effort put everyone together has a team strive has One team not Three people.


2) The key to a successful company is to have motivated workers. The bonus plan that Larry is proposing is only motivating Samuel and James. The new bonus plan works if you already have existing customers and build sales off of that, and that is why the rest of the workers are upset because they are mainly new and don’t already have a client base. Larry had hoped that this would motivate them but instead it is discouraging. There would need to be tiers to the bonus plan so that the new workers have a chance to benefit and qualify.

The plan that I would propose would be based off of how long you had worked there, and would be more about new sales and new clients than existing. It would be tier based so those that build sales from existing clients would still be motivated to keep collecting sales, but it would also motivate the newer employees to build their own client base and that they would get rewarded for new clients that they got.


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