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Choose ONE of the Two options below:

Option #1

Government in action Observation – visit a local government meeting & answer this questionnaire:

Questions for observing government:

(City council, planning commission, school board, township trustees, neighborhood group, criminal or civil court proceedings, etc.)

  • What type of government did you observe?
  • When? (Date, time & location)
  • What is the topic or subject that they are talking about or discussing?(If there are multiple topics that you observed pick on major topic)
  • What are the needs within my community as they relates to the specific area of the project or topic that they are discussing?
  • What is government’s role in addressing this need?How can they help?What can they do or what have they proposed to do?
  • How does this affect our community and the citizens within the community?Why does this matter?Does it affect a large or small portion of the population?
  • General Comments about your experience observing government:


Option #2

Volunteer for a political campaign or local elections office. Write a summary of your experience & submit it here.

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