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For this discussion, please complete the following:

  1. After finishing Virgil’s Aeneid, list two themes that you feel have been prominent throughout the entire text.
    • A theme is a recurring idea or issue in a text.
  2. Choose one of the themes listed and write an argumentative thesis.
    • To develop a thesis from one or more of your themes, ask yourself the following questions about your themes:
      • What does this theme reveal about the work? About the work’s outlook, or about its view of others? About its audience or intended audience?
      • Then, quote and cite two passages — from two distinctly different parts of the text — that support your argumentative thesis. Be sure to write 2-3 sentences after each quotation to show how it supports the thesis listed. ARGUMENTATIVE THESIS IS DUE BY THURSDAY 11:59MP PLUS I WILL ATTACHMENT A FEW PEER POST SO YOU MAY PROVIDE A 2-4 SENTENCES RESPONSE TO REGARDING THE LITERATURE. YOU ONLY HAVE TO PICK 2 OUT OF THE CHOICES AND THIS IS DUE BY SUNDAY 11:59PM

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