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Five questions (below and repeated in the course), can be answered from the readings and the lectures. The answer, in essay format, should be one page for each question, typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins and a font size of 12. This assignment represents a learning opportunity rather than a grade-earning opportunity!

Write each essay and save it in the SAME DOCUMENT. Also, use your last name as your filename. For example, all 5 of my essays would be placed in the SAME DOCUMENT named GIRARD.

The entire set of essays (1 file) is due on Monday of the 12th week. Upload writing assignments 1-5 in the same Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). Name the file with your last name (studentname.doc) or (studentname.docx).

Failure to complete this assignment will result in your grade being lowered one level.

Writing Assignments
(complete within one week after date assigned; to be collected during Week 12):

  1. Do races exist? What is the scholarly critique of “race.” Why is “race” still used by social scientists? Note: Answer all questions from lecture 1 notes and videos.)
  2. Explain social psychological and structural theories of racism, describing the major elements of each. (Note: Answer all questions from lecture 2 notes and videos.)
  3. What is the Eugenics movement? Identify its objectives. Was it successful? Why did it develop in the 19th century? Was it scientific? How did it fit the received paradigm? Who were the victims? Could it happen again? See Lecture 6 (Note: Answer all questions from lecture 3 notes and videos.)

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